Monday, May 17, 2010

My First Day

Just a quick recap of what I've gone through today.

I haven't start working yet.
Not officially.
What I have gone through is
Just a series of briefings which are annoying and boring!

The interesting part is...
I finally met with some new friends and one of them are Kimi's ex schoolmate.
Syamsul I guess... Ahh.. It doesn't matter.
to Kimi :He say Hi and send regard to U
Oh yeah.. I got my own desk and the brand new dell desktop is coming very soon.
That is because we are not allowed to bring our own laptop there.

That all guess... Now It is already late I must sleep!


Hasrol Nizam said...

dh start keje bro? hehe

zafi said...

good2... i cant wait to have a "taste" of your money :D blessing!! hahahahah

mUTe said...

to Hasrul: Yup. Br semalam.:-)

mUTe said...

to Zafi: haha... It tastes Mamak. :-p

MK Kimi said...

syamsul? yg kurus2? bdn sekeping? kulit gelap2 skit? dia jd apa sana?

mUTe said...

to Kimi: yup. Dier kem salam. Segan kat ko.

p/s: ko badan bape keping? haha

MK Kimi said...

dia jadi engineer gak ke? mantap nye mamat tuh!